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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Spring in Sydney

Tuesday 20 September 2005

So it's Spring. One could be forgiven for thinking perhaps that's not quite right as the evenings are still cool enough for a fire and the mornings have a chill about them. The winds have been a'blowin daily and sometimes border on being balmy, but mostly are cool. Rain has been almost non-existent and grass has died off from many areas into dust bowls. My lawn is still greenish, but sparing too. There's sure no depth to it and it wouldn't take much to kill it off. I haven't turned the solar heating on for the pool as the sun just isn't hot enough most days yet.

I love winter so summer coming slowly suits me fine, but I wish it would rain, and rain heavily for days. We have been on water restrictions now for months and I'm tired of washing the car with buckets of water. I'm sure I use twice/three times as much water, and I sure get a lot wetter myself chucking buckets over the car that ricochet back all over me ! The gardens look sad as we can only water twice a week; in the mornings Wed and Sunday before 10.00 am and again those same days after 4.00 pm. It's dark almost when I arrive home from work on Wednesday and I don't have time in the morning to water. Sunday is market day now for me, so that only leaves Sunday afternoon to water and it's just been too cold to go out after 4.00 with a hose. Or am I a wimp?

I've been going to market days, hiring stall space, and trying to sell some of my books. However, I've had more luck selling some of my older novels and dvds and cds and videos than my own new beautiful book. Markets are mostly places people go to bargain hunt and a new book isn't a bargain I guess, even though I am selling it much cheaper than it's value. It's all been a big disappointment to me and I realise now that I won't recoup much at all of what I have outlaid to get my manuscript to a book. But, I've learned a lot in the last few years on the road I've travelled on, and it can only be to the good. I could have spent the $30K plus on a holiday, and come home after a few weeks with nothing but memories. I do, at the very least, have a book with my name one it... a dream became reality.

As the days grow longer there's more time to spend in leisure activities once the work day is over, so I intend to do some gardening and also to get back into my writing again. I started painting my outdoor furniture on the weekend and my partner's daughter, who is here for a short holiday, is continuing the painting whilst I'm at work. Bonus! After a cold winter the place looks drab, and the lack of water around has made everyone's gardens and yards look the worse for wear. Perhaps some new plants and soil will make things look a bit brighter for the summer as long as the heat doesn't kill the plants before next winter comes along and the frost gets them. Woops not much positive in that little lot. Ah well.

It's time to think about hitting the hay for the evening so, until next time, take care and be happy. It could be worse (or so they say lol).



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