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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Talkback Radio, Today Tonight, ABC National Radio

It's 11.47 pm Saturday night 30 April in Sydney Australia. The weather tonight is cool after a brilliant Autumn day. I spent most of the day wandering around Windsor with my daughter; lunch in an old pub, browsing in a Balinese furniture and nick nack shop, looking at clothes (I hate shopping). Then it was back to Mount Druitt and KMart to buy some gear for my TV taping on Tuesday 3 May with producer and host of Joy's World on satellite TV Channel 31, Joy Hruby. Yes I'm a big spender lol. I've decided to wear the black gear and wanted something to break up the total black look (the hair is auburn streaked blonde) so I settled on a couple of really nice dusky pink toned scarves. One I'll decide on to wear with the black. I also purchased myself a pink and black evening type handbag. No new shoes, squashed toes are not on the agenda for the evening. Joy has a segment in her show on books and has graciously invited me to be a guest for a future show. Channel 31 is off air atm due to change of ownership but will set sail on the airwaves via satellite in about a month's time courtesy of the new owner, University of Western Sydney. I'm looking forward to meeting Joy as our telephone conversations have been interesting and she is, I'm sure, a lovely lady.

On Tuesday morning I have a live to air interview on ABC National Radio from the studios at Ultimo. I am excited that, as a result of having sent a review book to Julie McCrossin, she has invited me to be a guest on her popular morning show Life Matters. My spot is around 10.30 am on Tuesday 3 May. I hope that all goes well with this interview as it could do a world of good for the book and for what I want it to achieve, education of people of all ages about Internet chat rooms and dating websites.

I managed to get on air on WSFM a couple of weeks ago (Friday 15 April) and was allowed to plug the book at the end of my conversation with Jonesy and Amanda. I thank them both very much for allowing that to go to air :) Every little bit helps and I was surprised and happy that so many people actually heard the segment I was part of. Was I nervous? Of course lol ... and I sat with the phone for about 1/2 hour before I went online and when Jonesy said 'Vena' I was listening to the show on the phone and missed my cue lol. Jonesy made some remark about 'eyes front Vena' and I felt like a goose. However it was the first time I've ever phoned a radio station and been on air so I guess I can be forgiven for not quite getting it right. I secured a copy of the segment from Rehame and have a wav copy of it. I'm quite happy with how I sounded. I sent Jonesy and Amanda a review copy of the book with a thank you.

Last Friday night was Today Tonight. A big disappointment! After waiting over 2 months for the segment to air, I found that there was no mention of the book or that I was a Sydney based author of a book to be released soon in the USA. When I was approached to do the segment I was assured the book would be promoted and when John Healey and the cameraman and lighting/sound man came to my home to film, one of the tasks they were required to do was film the book. They took great pains to set it up and train a light on it to show it in its best light and filmed it and all for nothing. As I said to everyone who asked me what happened to the book, "it was a story about lies and Today Tonight joined in the party and did some lying of their own". However they did do an article on the show on their website and because they mentioned my name the search engines have picked the story up. So guess there was a Clayton's plus about the whole thing. Another lesson learned.

I should also add here that they used a model in part of my segment in the story who looked something similar to me and yet not me to anyone who knows me, using my voiceover to what she was doing. I watched the story unfolding and I couldn't understand when I used a phone because I knew I didn't, then I noticed this woman was sitting at a desk with a window behind her computer and I sure don't have a window behind my computer, just a wall :( I also noted the phone and it was sure not my phone. So even I was hoodwinked into thinking she was me except for the things I noticed. Her hair was also different slightly to mine. They did however make an attempt to dub in someone playing me, and I wasn't too impressed about that either. Considering how much time I spent being interviewed I imagined they had more than they needed, and I sure didn't like the actress playing me like it was some kind of staged event. When I saw her put her head in her hands I almost fainted ..... staged to the maximum. Anyone who doesn't know me would have thought that was me .... an actress, so no credibility! Bugga.

Anyhow on to bigger and better. Tuesday next week will see me involved in two media adventures that will focus on the book. That is what I'm interested in, it's a tool that can be used for good. My true story about the mistakes I made can become positives if the book is used in the right way and lands in the right hands and I am seen as being credible. I believe I have a lot to offer as an advocate of wariness on the Internet and as a guide for the unwary, naive and vulnerable. That's what I want out of all the hard work and the expenses I've incurred to get the book to where it is ..... the satisfaction of knowing that baring my life and allowing people to read about the crazy and dangerous things I became involved in, will ultimately help others not to go where I dared to wander.

Next week - news on how my two adventures unfolded :)

Vena McGrath
1 May 2005 - Yes it's gone past midnight :)


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