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Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Website

It's Sunday night 20 March 2005. Please visit my new website and I hope you like my new home. There's a Forum and a GuestBook for anyone to make use of if they choose to. In the next week there should also be a shopping cart where copies of the book can be ordered. I have 500 in Sydney for sale and will sign them personally if requested.

I finally managed to secure my other website and domains and they are now safely in my possession. is parked and anyone accessing the domain will find they are redirected to my new website. I'm very happy with the 'newbie' that Bryan and I worked hard on (Bryan much harder than I did). Anyone wanting any help with a website give me a yell I have some handy contacts now ... easy when you know how :). And Bryan has a wealth of knowledge too about all kinds of bits and pieces for websites. He is the brains :)

It's been a long haul but things are starting to come together now. The official release date in the USA will be 18 May and I am busily sending out review copies in the hope that some of the recipients will read the book and do a short review that I can post on my website and forward to the USA to the publisher. I believe a reprint of the cover may happen if enough reviews are received from enough creditable sources. So here's hoping. I'd love to see some Aussie reviews on the back cover of my Aussie book.

Until next time, yours in chat and writing.



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