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Friday, March 04, 2005

Best Laid Plans are often best forgotten

Here it is, Friday morning Sydney Australia and the news could be better.

After battling on at work for two days, I succumbed to the dreaded flu and took Thursday and Friday last week off work to recuperate. Not so easy! A week later and I'm still at home after chest xrays and blood tests, two courses of bighit antibiotics, and home nursing by Bryan who flew here from his mountain retreat last Saturday. Unable to drive the car due to the extreme pain that beat me, Bryan became my chaffeur to doctors and specialists and my chief cook and bottle washer, and my personal masseur. This morning I'm faring better although the pain still can knock me for a six. My doctor is convinced that I had pneumonia but I'm more inclined to believe that I have sustained some kind of rib damage even though it didn't show up in the xrays. Monday will be the day of truth when I once more have to get myself to and from work and make it through the day at my desk. My doctor tells me there is a lot of flu around this year and it is untimely now for this to happen. It is also hitting all ages so guess we have some kind of epidemic raging through the country.

Whilst I have been home, Bryan and I have completed work we started on the Gold Coast on a new website. It is now online and we are both happy with our endeavours. The new addy is It follows the blue theme of the Blog, blue being my favourite colour.

News on the book is not making me too happy but I'm resigned to the fact that this is not going to be easy to complete. My agent in the USA has only just now received the 300 review books, so a release date of 16 March is useless. I am now liaising with the publisher to push the date back to 18 May to allow review copies of the book to be distributed in the USA and Canada. The 700 books to come to me still have not arrived, so I am in the same situation as regards review copies and distribution of same. Whilst I resisted changing the release date in the beginning, I decided it was in the best interest of the book to stop being stubborn and face up to the facts. I have expended too much time, effort and cash to throw it all away through being stubborn, without at least giving the book a chance of some kind of success.

Today is another day. Who knows what it will bring.


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