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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Flu, Today Tonight, my Website

Nothing much to report except a continuing battle with the flu. I feel like I've sustained a cracked rib from coughing and the feeling of a cough coming on is enough to bring terror to my mind. A visit to the doc this afternoon leaves me with two different antibiotics to take and a piece of paper to go have a chest xray. The word pneumonia was mentioned but I'm sure once these pills kick in and the pain eases in my ribs when I cough, I will be fine. Damn I'm not sure what's worse, a flu in summer or winter. I'm sure it's the summer one because at least in winter it's a pleasure to fall into bed and stay there. Not so now, it's very humid and I have to almost sit up in bed so I don't choke on a cough. groan*.

However I'm battling on at work; second day back today and slightly better than yesterday as far as coughing went due to scoffing two different cough medicines; one to break things up and one to stop the cough. A losing battle? Hope not.

No word from Today Tonight but at least I know that is going to happen one day.

Still trying to wrestle my website from my agent who built it for me (for a cost of course) and for the last few months has been having great difficulties in passing it over to me so I can work in it myself. I'm about to bite the bullet, and him too; I'm not a happy camper at all. I own a website I can't access. However I have a few cards up my sleeve so all is not lost. I will take the loss of the money I paid to have the website built on the chin and get on with it by utilising my newly found skillbase. People may tread on my corns once but try it too many times and the scorpion comes out with tail twitching.


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