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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Flu, Today Tonight, my Website

Nothing much to report except a continuing battle with the flu. I feel like I've sustained a cracked rib from coughing and the feeling of a cough coming on is enough to bring terror to my mind. A visit to the doc this afternoon leaves me with two different antibiotics to take and a piece of paper to go have a chest xray. The word pneumonia was mentioned but I'm sure once these pills kick in and the pain eases in my ribs when I cough, I will be fine. Damn I'm not sure what's worse, a flu in summer or winter. I'm sure it's the summer one because at least in winter it's a pleasure to fall into bed and stay there. Not so now, it's very humid and I have to almost sit up in bed so I don't choke on a cough. groan*.

However I'm battling on at work; second day back today and slightly better than yesterday as far as coughing went due to scoffing two different cough medicines; one to break things up and one to stop the cough. A losing battle? Hope not.

No word from Today Tonight but at least I know that is going to happen one day.

Still trying to wrestle my website from my agent who built it for me (for a cost of course) and for the last few months has been having great difficulties in passing it over to me so I can work in it myself. I'm about to bite the bullet, and him too; I'm not a happy camper at all. I own a website I can't access. However I have a few cards up my sleeve so all is not lost. I will take the loss of the money I paid to have the website built on the chin and get on with it by utilising my newly found skillbase. People may tread on my corns once but try it too many times and the scorpion comes out with tail twitching.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Sunny Hello from Kirra Beach Queensland

As I sat eating brekky, gazing out across the expanse of white sand to the beautiful Pacific gently rolling in, I thought how wonderful it would be to have this view every morning, not just for a week. But then a week is more than some people ever have in an idyllic place, so I count myself extremely lucky.

I arrived here on Sunday afternoon, 13 February, and within a few short hours had the beginnings of a flu, great! My dreams of a fantastic Valentine's Day started to dull as the hours ticked by and I went into the progression of the flu symptoms. However, I managed to enjoy the morning with my lover Bryan, and he handed me a card with personally written words from him to me, and a beautiful gold claddagh ring with two diamonds in the crown. I slipped it on my finger - perfect fit. I haven't worked out yet how he knew my ring size, but he is very resourceful. I didn't have a gift for Bryan, just a card as I figured our gifts for each other were ourselves. However luck prevailed. He dropped his watch in the bathroom and broke it. Perfect! I bought him a new one - cheap but nice lol.

Today Wednesday I'm much better with just some chest junk to get rid of. The sun is out, the heat is kicking in and we are off to the Moreton Bay area of Brisbane to visit my mother in the nursing home and to call in on other rels. I spoke to my contact at Channel 7 Today Tonight and was advised that the story on lying is still being worked on and I will be advised in advance when it is going to air. I was told my part of the story will be excellent, so here's hoping. All I really want is my book up there in lights.

News on the shipment of books is improving with ABP finally recognising that it will be much easier if they do the arrangements from the US and I forward the freight charges to them. I've given up worrying as the most important review books have gone to my agent in the US and hopefully before long will be posted to US and Canadian reviewers. I have already found out that getting my book into bookstores in Australia is going to depend on success overseas and I have therefore decided not to have a book launch here as there is little point when there are no oulets to purchase from.

That's it for today. Havagood one!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Interview with Channel 7 Today Tonight (9.2.05)

I received a call from the Melbourne office of Channel 7 Today Tonight on Tuesday 8.2.05 asking if I could arrange to be available the next day for the interview.

The original story that was to have been filmed was canned but a storyline had come up that it was decided I would be ideal to participate in.

The story will be about lying ... is it okay to lie and if so, when?

My participation, of course, was to be about lying on the Internet, with the question being asked 'is it easy to lie on the Internet? Has it opened up a new arena for people to lie about themselves and their lives?'

The interviewer, cameraman and assistant arrived at my home at 3.30 pm today (9.2.05) and once the lights were set up, the camera was ready, and the interview area set up, the interview began. I had spent 24 hours nervously wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into and as 3.30 approached I again asked myself .. why? However all went well and I actually enjoyed the experience. Once the camera started rolling with the light boring down on me in the hotseat, I forgot about why and concentrated on doing the best job I could with the opportunity afforded me.

I found it easy to talk because I knew my subject. I didn't need reference notes and I only stumbled a couple of times I recall and the phone rang once so we had to retrack a little. I said a lot and I know only a little will go to air, but my main aim was to promote my book and if they follow through with their promise, this will happen. The book was displayed on black fabric that highlighted the green colour of the cover and a light was partly shone on the cover to enhance it. It looked very spiffy up there in lights and I think I fell in love with it, finally.

The guys took a lot of time with setting up various shots and the time passed with ease and friendliness. My daughter and granddaughter (aged 10) were there as my audience and support team, and they were excited about being part of the show, even just as onlookers. My grandy can't wait to get to school tomorrow to tell all her friends about how her Nan is going to be on TV.
I shudder to think what I will look like and my daughter said that it wouldn't matter what I looked like I would always be my most critical critic. And she is right.

At the conclusion of the interview I was congratulated by the Channel 7 team on a job well done. John, the guy who interviewed me (I wish I could remember his last name) told me, when I said I hoped that some of the interview would make it to air, that he knew who the star of the segment would be and to have no doubts, it would make the screen.

So here's hoping. I had one shot at it and I gave it my best one, for my book, and for all those that I hope read it and learn from it.

I was told that the segment could appear on the Today Tonight show either tomorrow Thursday 10.2.05 or possibly Friday 11.2.05. So all you readers who are in Australia, keep a look out for my book in lights.