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Friday, December 24, 2004

Update on Secrets, Lies & Chat - the book

It's Sunday morning, 18 December, 1.10 am, in Sydney Australia and I'm here working in my blog. Time to update news on the book. I have now ordered 1000 books and paid for them. 300 will be distributed around the USA and Canada to media, publishers, bookstores, reviewers etc and 700 will be airfreighted to me. 200 are review books and 500 I will be selling online and personally and all will be autographed if requested. I expect the books sometime in January and the BIG release will be April. What a long journey this has been, and an expensive one. I estimate at the end of the road and at release date I will have expended close to $30K to get this book into stores and for sale on the internet.

Advance copy orders for the book can be placed on

My very own copy is supposedly soon on the way to me via snail mail from the USA. Mind you, it's the only free copy I will receive. I guess I might sleep with it or even wear it around my neck lol.

I've been working away solidly in my spare time away from my paid job and I'm proud to say I have a high profile on search engines for key words related to my work. I've expanded my writing into other areas besides chat and have some of my work, well all of it really except for the book, published on and also on my own website I have now clocked up over 5000 visitors to my authorsden webpages and I am very pleased with the following I seem to have attained.

I've been fortunate to have gained some very funny stories from two chat friends that I have built my own fiction around, and have created some short stories that I'm proud of. Three of the stories involve Trev and his dogs and the other story is about a special wink* man in my life Bryan, who appeared to me to be so straight when we first met. He finally owned up to a very colourful past and I'm having the time of my life writing about his escapades. And I thought I was bad??? lol. So if you get a chance go to authors den and read about Bryan, An Englishman in Australia in the 60s. So far I only have one Bryan story but I'm working on a long one now on a lot of his life in Australia.

Bryan is a very talented man who designs and makes handmade wooden toys for children. He also hand paints them. We talk about my writing a book of funny short stories with Bryan illustrating it with funny pictures. Bryan has some wonderful toys and puzzles for children 1-6 so if anyone is interested in buying some real Australian wooden treasures for littlies please visit to view some of his work. Click on 'next' above the large pic and the next pic will appear with details. You can contact Bryan at

I have had a local press interview and gasp* photo shoot and the article appeared in one of my local newspapers on 1 December. You will find this article posted on the websites also. I was proud that the paper considered I was newsworthy enough to give me 1/2 page in colour.

I have a television interview lined up for February with Joy from Joys World on Channel 31. Joy has a book section in her show and will feature me there.

Things are moving along. I'm working as hard as I can and keep pounding the editors at the SMH with my views, none of which have been published. Well one was, online. I also hit Poynter Online regularly and my views are posted on there as I write them.

I'm now looking forward to Christmas with my family and following closely behind that, some leisure time with Bryan and his daughter Jennifer, who are visiting me for a week or so in Sydney. New Year this year will be the best I've had for a long, long time and Bryan will have a birthday while he is in Sydney, so another excuse for a celebration.

I hope you all have a wonderful happy and merry Christmas and a safe and rollicking good New Year. 2005 is shaping up to be a year of excitement for me and a year of perhaps big changes in my life. I'll keep the blog posted.


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