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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Channel 7 Today Tonight

Today, Wednesday 22 December 2004 - 10.55 pm Sydney Australia

I had an email from Greg Tingle today (my PR agent Mediaman Australia) re Channel 7 'Today Tonight'. He advised that I would be contacted by a lady from the show, which I was.

A segment is being planned on online dating and they were looking for people to talk to about experiences (not so good ones) using online dating sites. I was asked if I had any contacts they could approach and of course, I do know a number of people who have had bad experiences, including myself. However I don't imagine any of them would want to talk about their experiences so I explained that I couldn't put them in touch with anyone. What I know I know because of who I am and because those people trust me to be confidential. They talk to me because I have had similar events in my life to theirs so I can understand how they feel and why.

We talked about various aspects of online danger. The lady I spoke to appeared to think that bodgie photos were the big cheat/lie thing going on. I told her that as far as I was concerned bodgie photos were not much of an issue as once you met someone for real you would know that the photo was realistic or not and so you would just walk I imagine. I explained that in all the meetings I had with men I met from either chat or online dating, I had really never been sent a photo that wasn't close to the truth. I expanded my comments by telling her my views on the real dangers and the biggest lies and they are the "I'm divorced, I'm single, I'm separated". These statements are hard to disprove and are very much more dangerous than any bodgie photo.

I was then asked if I would consider being interviewed by 'Today Tonight'. Only one answer to that, whilst shaking in my shoes, and that was 'yes'. I explained that as I had a book about to be released, with my name on it, and my photo was already featured online and in press articles, I really had no reason to hide out. Exposure on TV is important to my agenda to raise awareness to the dangers growing online for adults and children alike. The conversation ended with a possibiity i could get that interview and the possibility I won't. It is all up to how they see their segment going; whether they want truism or fantasy. I'll keep updating progress.


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