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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thursday 14 October 2004 Update

It's now 8.30 am on another hot day predicted in Sydney. Yesterday was 40 celcius at home in the shade; the sun? well that's another melting moment. It was even too hot to swim in my pool as it sits in full sun and the heat was better to stay out of.

I'm on leave from work for a couple of weeks and last week travelled firstly to Orange for a couple of days and then flew out for Brisbane on Tuesday 5 October. The weather there was much the same as here, only hotter. My daughter and granddaughter went with me and we spent time with family and visiting my mother who is an 'inmate' in a nursing home in the dementia ward; visits we don't look forward to as my mother doesn't really know who we are most of the time.

I had some t-shirts printed while I was in Brisbane, with the cover picture on the back and my new website that is under construction. I only had a few done for family and a friend, just to see how I felt about them and if people felt comfortable wearing them. I also had a few calendars printed and a mousepad. It's kind of neat having people ask me about the book and the interest they show in it. I visited my nephew's place of business and some of his staff asked for the website address and requested signed copies of the book once it's released and they purchase a copy.

My website is coming along nicely after a major colour scheme change. I still have a lot of information yet to provide to the designer so it can be completed and turned over to me to manage. Another learning curve, maintaining a website.

I met a friend from chat whilst I was in Brisbane. I rented an apartment for my girls and myself at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, for 2 nights, and my friend met us there and stayed with us. We had a lovely time together and he and I spent time getting to know each other on a face to face level instead of the chat/phone levels of the past 7 months or so. I arrived back in Sydney on Sunday 10 October and my friend arrived here, after a 12 hour train trip, on Tuesday evening. We decided that as he could spare the time, we might as well spend the last week of my leave together here, in Sydney. It's been too hot to do anything but keep out of it, but today we have decided to take a trip overseas, to Manly, lol. My friend doesn't know much about Sydney, so a nice ferry ride down the river from Parramatta and then across the harbour to Manly, seems a good way to spend a hot day.

I've written once again to the USA to the Director of Editing to find out the status of the manuscript, which is still with the copyedit section. No information from him yet, just a reply that he would chase up details and let me know.

I have just about tied up things with an agent in the USA and I have confidence that he will prove a worthwhile addition to my marketing plans. His name is Evan Ginzburg and he has a radio program in the USA that is mostly concerned with wrestling I believe. I'm looking forward to working with Evan if things work out, and I can afford him. He can give me a lot of exposure for the book on his radio show, and has untold contacts that may prove astounding to the success of my book in the USA. As with my agent in Australia, Greg Tingle, I have a good feeling about Evan and I'm following that gut feeling. The cost of bringing Evan into the picture is one issue I don't know the outcome of yet.

It's been said to me in chat that I'm only in this project for the money I'll make out of it and to ruin chat; little do people know about publishing and none of them would realise that this project has done nothing so far but cost me money. To recoup my outlay will be a bonus even if that's all this book ever accomplishes. And chat? Well I happen to have had a pretty hefty addiction to chat and still see it as having a lot of positives and no way do I wish to bring it down. My only desire, if you can call it that, or passion, is to see chat cleaned up so the people who have left in droves may return and find it a happy, safe place again. I have no agenda but to be of service and to share my wisdom about chat and the very real possibilities that exist regarding the danger aspects of chatting to both women and men and, even more importantly, the danger to children and teenagers.

Until next time, take care and keep watching for news.



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