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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Cover Unveiled

Yesterday, 31 August 2004, I received the mail I had been waiting for. I looked at it sitting in my inbox and was excited, delighted and apprehensive. I wondered what I would find, would it be as I had seen it in my mind's eye? Finally it got the better of me and I opened the jpg attachment, and there it was - my cover! I have to admit I didn't like the colour and the picture wasn't anything like I had imagined. Time got the better of me as I had to leave for work, so I hurriedly forwarded the jpg attachment onto special people, turned off the puter and left. On arrival at work I found emails from friends expressing their views that the cover was a 'winner'. I looked at it again a few times and found things that interested me. During the course of the day a workmate told me the meaning of the flower - innocence. The design editor at the publishing house told me the meaning of the colour, acid yellow - deceit. And the stem/cord? Well it could mean hurt, pain and any other words that readers may come up with after reading the story within the cover.

As not everyone will see the story within the cover - innocence (flower), deceit (colour) and hurt/pain etc (stem/cord) I will in the weeks to come tell the story of the cover as often as I can and it will become part of my promotion - The story behind the cover.

I hope that I can find a way to attach it to this site but if not, please visit and 'news'. There you will find the cover.


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