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Monday, July 26, 2004

Have you done any online searches lately?

It's Monday 26 July 2004 and wonder upon wonder, it's finally dropping some of that wet stuff on us ....... thanks all of you who did a rain dance, most appreciated. 

I'm going to do a bit of boasting here.  Thanks to the efforts of my fantastic agent, Greg Tingle, my name is all over the net on searches involving either my name, one of my chat nicknames 'megasec' or a variation of words including 'chat lies' 'chat secrets and lies'  etc etc.  And the biggest boast of all, #1 in the world!!!!!!!!! on a number of those searches with Greg often just below me or above me.  What a buzz out this internet is.  I'm having the time of my life watching this pre book release little wave growing bit by bit and I hope that anyone who stumbles upon my attempts is not disappointed. 

My official website is under construction where I will eventually be selling some of my books from.  I also hope to incorporate a chatroom function into the website where my friends, peers and anyone interested, can meet and talk in an open forum with freedom of speech.  No one telling anyone they can't talk about their projects 'because they might make money out of it one day'.  Free advertising will be there for everyone and hopefully some really quality chat times too.  I'm tired of being told what I can and can't say.  This is Australia, or it used to be, the land of the free.  The more I move around in this land I call home the more I realise I am becoming a  minority without the perks of the minority groups, and as a dinkie die Aussie I dislike that feeling intensely.  Call me racist if you choose, but I'm proud to be Australian and I can't get used to feeling like a stranger in my own country. 

I've decided to move out of Sydney in the not too distant future to the West Coast of my country, to the last frontier as I call it.  Only problem is that upon researching the area I was interested in moving to, there's hundreds of others with the same idea and property prices are rising in accordance with the interest.  Seems I may have to rethink my relocation site to find some resemblance of the life I knew as being Australia.  Where neighbours are friends, where people in the stores greet you and are genuinely pleased to see you, where life slows down enough that people see people and smile from within.  That's the Australia I remember so fondly and I refuse to believe that I have to let all that go and move into this alien world where no one cares much anymore about anyone, even their own families.

That brings me to another subject dear to my heart that makes me despair for our society.  Childcare.  I can't for the life of me work out why people have children only to discard them like a car they park in a garage and only bring out when they choose to have some fun with it.  What happened to the Aussie family pride where children were the greatest assets parents could ever have.  Where did love of family go?  How anyone can take a babe to a creche and leave him/her there all day and allow other people they don't know from a bar of soap shape their minds, is way beyond my ability to reconcile.  When did we become a nation of go-getters that only think about how many assets we have?  When did a fabulous home, new cars, expensive holidays, everything imaginable that opens and shuts, become more important to us than our own flesh and blood.  Have people forgotten how precious life is?  Do people have children because they think they should?  Is it proof of adulthood to bring a babe into the world? 

My own children were the world to me, nothing else was important but that I did all I possibly could for them.  My husband and I lived on one wage, and a labourers wage at that.  All our furniture was cast-off or borrowed, some of the rooms of our home had no floor coverings, we had one car.  But we made it through those days and if I never achieve another thing in my life that anyone thinks is worth achieving, I have achieved the one thing that mattered to me.  I raised three babes into decent adults and the pride I feel when I'm around them no money could ever buy.  I didn't go without what mattered, I just accepted that to be a decent parent I came down the end of the pecking order so that I gave the next generation the very best I could.  And if all I could give for a number of years was love and time then it sure didn't hurt me.  And now I get off my soap box but first and last on the subject of childcare my opinion is our Government should be ashamed of themselves for buying votes by making it easy for both parents to go to work.  And that brings up another gripe;  what about the parents who do care about their children and they do make sure one parent is always home with the kids?  Does anyone reward them for doing their bit to bring up the future citizens of our beautiful country by giving them some well-deserved handouts of the taxpayer's money?  I would prefer to see some of my taxes going to those parents than these greedy ones who think every dollar they earn or get for free is all that matters in this world.

I rest my case and the opinions above are totally mine, minority opinions I know.  I'm glad I am who I am and that I care.  I'm waiting for the cycle to complete and for the world and Australians especially to come back to grass roots, to family and love.  Perhaps as in the past, another World War is the only way this will ever happen, at the cost of many lives and much sadness.  I hope not for all our sakes.


  • At Monday, July 26, 2004, Blogger Bryan Forsdike said…

    I entirely agree with you that children are the next generation and if we don't show them love and care and attention, then they will do the same to there children, so let us treat our children as we would treat ourselves, the least we can do for them is have someone for them to come home to not an empty house, and make that a happy house, full of love and kindness.


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