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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Congratulations - you have found Vena McGrath, Sydney author of Secrets, Lies & Chat


Welcome to my blog! The online diary of Sydney, Australia based author, Vena McGrath!

I have been a regular Internet chatter for almost five years, and in April 2002 I decided to record events coming out of the first three years of chat exposure so I would never forget the impact they had on my life and on me personally. The stories ended up a manuscript that is now floating around the USA between editors of my publisher, American-Book Publishing. The final stage of editing has arrived and I expect to see a pdf version of the total book within the month for me to sign off on. The cover is being designed and I'm waiting anxiously to see what the design department has come up with and whether they used my vision of how I saw it, or not.

If you have ever thought about "chatting" or already do so, I would like to make contact with you. Please feel free to send me an email; I will respond. I am particularly interested in hearing stories about harrassment and/or stalking online or offline by people who chat.

In my years of "chatting", I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of chat. It's always nice to hear a good story from chat about two people who meet and find a life together. But those stories are few and far between in comparison to other happenings in chat or out of it that trouble me. I see a lot in chat rooms that isn't good; I know many people online who have been hurt beyond belief by others they have met in chat rooms. The anonymity of the medium allows people to use, abuse, manipulate and almost totally destroy the self-esteem of vulnerable people. If you haven't used the chat medium you will no doubt read this and wonder who this ranting female is; to use two words I stole from men in chat .... trust me..... it's happened to me and it happens with alarming regularity to any number of males and females daily online.

For more information on the world of chatting, read my online press interview and book reviews located @

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to chatting with you soon. If you would like to chat online you can find me via the BigPond homepage chat room link. I'm usually parked in the 60s room or in my own room, #Leisure.EasyPeacefulFeelings and my nick is Irish_Ayes. I would like to invite anyone who hasn't been to a chat room to come visit and I will show you around, introduce you to the medium and to scripts, and tempt you to open your mind to a new experience, to feel the vibes in a chat room, to understand how this chat society works. And you will be miles in front of how I started out in chat because you will have the benefit of my wisdom.

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